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About Us

Socially Empowered was born from of a love of entrepreneurship and a desire to help local businesses grow. At our heart, we are a group of creative thinkers and strategists who strive for transparency and honesty with every one of our clients and partners. We help our clients grow their businesses by combining timeless marketing techniques with up to date digital strategies that are proven to drive results. We never apply a one-size-fits-all strategy as we know every business has unique needs which require a service tailored to them.

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Sales Funnels

Through our automated email marketing, highly converting landing pages, and optimized retargeting ads we are able to confidently build the credibility and authority needed to drive sales.

Social Media Advertising

We provide paid advertising through multiple platforms with Facebook at the core. It doesn't matter what type of business you are, or what needs you may have; either way, our team will create an advertising plan suitable for you.


Just about every aspect of your business is a branding opportunity waiting to be uncovered. By using a wide variety of branding techniques we are able to effectively tell your brands’ story and utilize it to enhance your offer and gain the trust of your audience.


The blueprint for every type of marketing communication starts with a well-developed strategy. We know that social media marketing is nothing if it is not backed by strategies that are proven to bring results. Defining your audience through a wide range of psychographic and demographic variables allows us to create a hyper-targeted campaign that relates directly to your consumers’ values and beliefs.