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3 ways to Increase Your Business Sales

There are more than just three ways for businesses to increase sales, but follow these three tips as a framework, and you will be well on your way to winning market share in your business environment.

These 3 methods are:

1. Attract more new customers

The most important thing to know is that there are always tons of new opportunities for attracting new customers. It doesn’t matter what the state of the economy is in, or how old your business is, you can always attract new people in your area. The good news is, there are some easy ways to identify these potential clients. One of the most powerful ways to reach new customers today is through Facebook and Instagram advertising.

These tools are amazing, but you need to set up online systems and processes before actually benefiting from them. A common mistake which we do not recommend is boosting posts on Facebook or Instagram. Businesses should be taking advantage of Facebook’s incredibly focused algorithm and hyper-targeted advertising platform if they’re serious about online growth. Facebook ads should be used to target extremely specific demographics and audiences in your area. For example, you can target people who have purchased catering in the past 10 days, Middle-aged Healthy Food Lovers, newly married people…if you have a product or service for them, we can target it for you on Facebook and Instagram.

Between Instagram and Facebook, the amount of new customers you can reach is underappreciated. The engagement rate on Instagram makes it one of the most powerful marketing tools and all businesses should strive to have an engaged and growing presence on these two platforms, especially if they want to gain an edge on their competition in 2019. If these tools are left unused, you’re missing out on one of the biggest opportunities for attracting new customers.

2. Increase customer retention

If you’re interested in frequently getting repeat sales, then you’re going to want a good online strategy to keep the new customers active and engaged with your business. As we all know, if communication with our friends or family is poor, we are much more likely to drift out of their lives, and it goes the same with businesses and their customers. A friendly message every now and then on your customer’s favourite social platform is a great way to keep the relationship going. Most people think that if you have a great product or service that customer retention will follow automatically but, this is only the start of the process. You’re probably already doing some of the following but they should be improved and prioritized to get customers coming back, again and again. Customer retention is more than just a clean and appealing atmosphere, it should also be increased through Email marketing, SMS marketing, Facebook, Instagram and well-timed specials. If your team is not constantly creating new social media campaigns with in-house promos, then you also probably are not adding hundreds of emails to your businesses customer database. This is a huge opportunity to be missing out on! If businesses don’t learn how to use these incredible digital strategies, increasing customer frequency will become a rising issue as other competing business catch on first.

3. Increase the number of purchases per visit

Once you have a customer in your business or requesting your services, there is no reason for you to not upsell what you have to offer as it is a win-win scenario. The customer receives more which will almost always result in more customer satisfaction as well as increase sales. They have already given you their time and trust so they are willing to spend money. You and your employees must utilize this time more effectively to maximize sales. Most businesses offer in-store promotions however, the best businesses offer these as well as customer service training. This doesn’t just mean telling your employees how to gently, but yet persuasively increase the average sale. They should know the best language to use such as “Would you like to begin with some of our starters” which is a yes or no situation to speed up the sale process – it strategically eliminates decisiveness. The slightest change in language can result in many more customers trying your appetizers before their meals. Another example could be a heat pump company offering 10% off coupons off to new customers during a specific date. “Act before the weekend ends and you won’t miss the 10% Facebook offer!”. These online promotions are setting the precedent for marketing to customers in 2019.

Don’t forget to plan.

It’s astonishing that so many businesses cut corners on these powerful strategies and end up without a marketing plan, or even a digital marketing strategy for that matter. Digital Marketing and everything else we considered here, are some of the best ways to increase sales and grow your business. Without a plan, many businesses end up struggling to keep up with the status quo.

Fortunately, we’re here to help if you have any questions or want to implement these strategies immediately. We offer a complementary strategy session, in which we will let you know what you need to begin growing your business digitally.

Written by: Arman Mackey & Andrew Jameson

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