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Although marketing tips for restaurants are easy to find, the good advice is always harder to get.

When I began doing digital marketing, I wanted clients to have “the best” social media marketing on the planet. I wanted to help them apply every social media strategy out there to help bring paying customers in, and keep them coming back frequently. Once I started to help restaurants in the hospitality industry, I began to realize that they don’t need to be incredible at generating results on every single digital media marketing platform. For most restaurant owners, trying to find the time to even keep up with Facebook alone can be difficult, so expecting them to be awesome there, and be good at all the other social sites is a stretch. But it’s no excuse for leaving paying customers on the table for competitors to readily acquire.

Your restaurant does not need to have the best social media marketing in the world or even your region for that matter; however, you should always strive to have a well-developed strategy for taking market share back in your niche.

In order to be successful, you only have to be the best at social media marketing in your specific local area. Imagine a circle surrounding the area where you are trying to attract new and repeat customers – It’s usually inside of a 30 km radius, sometimes even only 10 Kilometers. That’s it…focus on them, but you have to make sure to do it with proven online marketing strategies.

This is some of the most powerful marketing advice that you can get for restaurants.

You may not have to be the best in the world, but you sure do have to have the best in your specific local area – and that doesn’t take too much.

If you take the time and apply a proper social media marketing strategy, which is better than your competitor’s efforts, you’re one step of the way towards dominating your local target market.

This means that you may only need to be awesome on Instagram and Facebook to win your market share. If your direct competition is doing really well with Facebook and Instagram, you may need to consider some advanced demographic targeting through Pinterest…or maybe even some video marketing through YouTube. The list goes on…

Some restaurants and businesses are starting to catch on, but virtually any competing restaurant can come in and take some of that market share…as long as they have the proper social media marketing strategies in place.

When I see a restaurant, I can quickly tell whether or not I can help them take considerable market share simply by taking a look at the social and digital media marketing presence of their direct competition.

Every business owner should know how to do this.

We can all learn a lot about our industry standard from the competitors who know how to do it right. If you are having trouble finding a competitor in your area winning the market on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or any other social media sites, there is a huge opportunity for your business to dominate the market.

If you own a restaurant, we would love to hear from you and see if we can help you take the market share that helps businesses grow consistently.

Written by: Andrew Jameson

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